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Artist’s Bio

        Joseph Pauter was born and raised in Chula Vista, California. Throughout his life he faced many hardships that had a profound impact on the way he views the world. When Joseph was young he fell victim to sexual assault. As a result, he has battled depression and anxiety for years. However, Joseph had strong ambitions to become a Navy Seal. So he suppressed his emotions, enlisted in the Navy, and planned to submit his SEAL package at a later date. However, during his service Joseph was sexually assaulted again, causing him to spiral into despair. Despite having no formal training and having only been painting for three years he displayed his work at Artexpo Dallas 2022 through the Redwood Art Group as his debut into the art world. As a result, he received an invitation to exhibit in New York City at Artexpo New York. He has been displayed at FNB NWA in Bentonville as well as Art Ventures in Fayetteville for a live painting demonstration. Currently, Joseph attempts to share the healing message that he has found in art through his work as a painter. 

Bio: Artist’s Bio

Artist’s statement 

My work focuses on mental and emotional health. I use a wide variety of application techniques utilizing a range of brushes, pallet knives and everyday tools to portray deep emotions and mental illnesses in an acrylic medium. Through my work I hope to make an impactful change in the way mental health is discussed and handled. Throughout the methodology of my creative process I meditate in an emotional state until I can visualize that emotion or thought that I’m feeling. I made the decision to focus my work on the emotional being, because I have personally struggled with mental illness most of my life, and I have found that more often than not, there is a stigma of negativity and disconnection around these topics. No one should suffer alone.

Bio: Artist’s Statement
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